Camco Heated Freshwater Hose

Connect the RV’s freshwater system to a campsite faucet with no fear of freeze-up in cold weather. The 25-foot-long Freeze Ban 2000 heated hose from Camco is ideal for water-line freeze protection down to minus-20 degrees Fahrenheit. The energy-saving thermostat heats the hose only as needed. A durable exterior jacket protects the hose and electrical components from damage or exposure. An included female-to-male adapter connects to the water supply with either end of the hose to more easily reach a 120-volt AC electrical outlet. Equipped with a 6-foot, 18-AWG power cord with an LED indicator, the hose is NSF-61 certified to be drinking-water safe and is free of lead, BPA and phthalate.
MSRP: $134.99

For cold-weather RVing, the Freeze Ban 2000 freshwater hose has a built-in heating element to keep the water flowing, even at 20 below.

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