Fan-Tastic Vent Ceiling Fan

The remote control that comes with the Fan-Tastic Vent Ceiling Fan makes operation as simple as sitting in an easy chair and pushing a button. The radio-frequency handheld remote activates the fan and raises the dome by pressing the mode pad. With the automatic mode, the user selects a comfort setting, and the blades turn on or off, and increase or decrease speed to maintain the temperature choice. Manual mode allows the user to select one of 14 fan-blade speeds. The fan is equipped with a reversible airflow switch and a rain sensor that closes the dome and turns off the fan blade when it becomes wet; the dome reopens when the sensor dries. The kit includes a custom wall cradle to hold the remote.
MSRP: $405

Easily placed in a standard RV-vent opening, this remote controlled fan pushes stuffy air out and pulls fresh air in.

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