Surge Guard Power Protector

This RV surge and spike protector now offers more than twice the rated protection of earlier models and continuously monitors voltage and amp draw. To protect the RV and its electrical components from damage and fire, the Surge Guard shuts off power in the event of an open ground or thermal line/load over-temperature condition, as well as for open-neutral, low (under 102 volts) and high (over 132 volts) voltage, a miswired pedestal or elevated ground voltage. The LCD display uses easy-to-understand language to provide electrical status at a glance. The 128-second reset delay protects air-conditioner compressors. Built-in intelligence resets the device automatically at power restoration. The latest model has a more compact design for easier storage and includes pull handles for safety and convenience.
MSRP: $329.99

Plugging Surge Guard’s portable device into the campsite pedestal provides continuous monitoring and electrical protection for 50-amp RV systems.

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