Gifts from $25 to $100

Personalized Photo Doormat

Nothing says “Welcome to our home on wheels” like a family photo at the entrance to the RV
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BodySpa RV Shower

Soap, shampoo and the stress of life wash away in a splash with Oxygenics’ powerfully pulsing shower spray
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Flip4 Waterproof Speaker

JBL’s little Bluetooth speaker has big boom power that keeps on playing, come rain, shine or a pool party
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Zero-G Freshwater Hose

From faucet to nozzle, Teknor Apex’s kink-free heavy-duty RV hose knows how to go with the flow
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Camp Casual Road Trip Throw

Being warm and fuzzy takes on new meaning with this seriously cozy retro-RV-patterned blanket
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6-Foot Cable Lock

Bolt’s handy coiled lock keeps bikes, ladders and other gear secure on RVs, and unlocks with the tow vehicle’s ignition key
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Life Is Good Tire Cover

This upbeat and optimistic spare-tire cover lets everyone know the RVers inside are enjoying the ride
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Mosaic Backsplash

Peel-and-stick vinyl wall tiles instantly spice up an ordinary kitchen or bathroom wall in any RV
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iGrill 2 Digital Thermometer

RV chefs can master the heat while keeping their cool with Weber’s app-controlled BBQ thermometer
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